At Able Floors, we use ‘Low VOC’ products which are Food Grade! What does low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) mean?

Low VOC refers to volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans. It mostly refers to paints and other products that have a very low or zero VOC, e.g. sealants, adhesives and cleaners. Low VOCs are good for both the environment and living organisms.

At Able Floors, we fully understand and have a clear vision relating to Environmental Awareness in terms of the release of any materials during a project together with the safe and responsible disposal of waste at the conclusion of a project. As a responsible Company, we address and meet our needs so that we contribute to the protection of the environment.

We acknowledge that Industries produce hazardous waste which can present a risk for people and the environment if not dealt with in the appropriate manner. Industrial waste comes in many different forms and must be treated accordingly.